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PERIOSAN™   [Print this page]

A natural patented plant-derived formula improving the damaging effects of gum/periodontal disease.

Considering, to a large extent, the unsuccessful efforts
made in the past to solve the problems with plaque and calculus formation as well as with gum/periodontal disease (Periodontitis) and to find simple, safe and effective treatments, it may be difficult to accept that natural substances could have a pronounced positive effect on these dental problems. Recent research has proven that a number of substances from plants and animals of marine and of botanical origin have effect on both plaque and calculus formation as well as possibly indirectly on the most common dental issue, caries/cavities (see information on “NOPLAQUE™”). Furthermore it has been proven that a unique combination of no less than 15 plants have a pronounced effect on Peridontitis, and to a certain extent even on herpes.

PERIOSAN™ was developed by a Group of Swiss researchers, headed by Professor Christian Kotyrba and it has been clinically used and tried for over 15 years in several countries, including Switzerland and Sweden. It contains as many as 15 different components, all based on medicinal plants, all with Monograms and proven beneficial medical effects on inflammations, bacteria, etc. The combination of all these botanicals is synergistic and complementary. PERIOSAN™ is available as a Paste for treatment of mild and moderate cases of already developed gum/periodontal disease (Periodontitis) as well as adjunct treatment, of severe cases, to surgery and other traditional treatments.
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