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PROSTAHEALTH™ is an advanced formula for men who want to prevent, or who are suffering from, prostate related symptoms, containing a well balanced mixture of ingredients of natural origin: herbs, plants and fruits combined with minerals, trace metals and vitamins, all with individually, well documented effects, proven by clinical studies. The various components all have different effects and working mechanisms on the prostate and their biochemical/biological pathways are very different, however, they have been combined to work in synergy with each other, complementing each other, strengthening the over-all positive effect of PROSTAHEALTH™ with the objective of optimal prostate functions and health in mind.

Please note that PROSTAHEALTH™ is just not any dietary supplement, whose components can be easily replaced by a “healthy diet”. Its active ingredients are carefully chosen and combined for optimal prostate health, from otherwise difficult to obtain natural products, not to be found as regular dietary components.

Why does it hurt?
Despite the advancements made in human anatomy and research to date, the fact is, that the causes of most of these prostate related problems are to a large extent still unknown. During the natural aging process of the male, the rate of which Testosterone and Dihydrotestosterone (“DHT”) is converted by 5-alpha-reductase, is decreasing and finally virtually eliminated, due mainly to the increased amount of hormones such as Estrogens and Prolactin. This causes an accumulation of unused DHT and it is believed that this may be one of the main cause of prostate problems.

The prostate gland is a relatively small gland which surrounds the urethra. The prostate is responsible for semen production, used to lubricate and assist sperms, and in addition to this, its primary role, it assists the bladder in the flow of urine. The prostate increases in size several times when a young male reaches puberty. This is, however, not the only time it grows. The prostate has a second growth spurt when the male reaches approx. 50 years of age. This growth spurt may cause a variety of difficulties ranging from Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (“BPH”), difficult, or even painful, ejaculation and urination to prostate cancer.

Key Ingredients

  • Pygeum Africanum reduces inflammation by inhibiting/reducing Prostaglandin production

  • Saw Palmetto inhibits the production of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), responsible for the over-production of cells, which ultimately results in prostate enlargement

  • Pumpkin Seed acts as a decongestant within the prostate gland by reducing prostate cholesterol and blocking cholesterol absorption to the prostate gland

  • Urtica significantly enhances the ability of Pygeum to inhibit the conversion of Testosterone to DHT

  • beta-Sitosterol is a completely safe, without side effects, natural product, which plays a key role in regulating important, biological and physiological functions of the prostate gland

  • Lycopene, an important carotenoid, found in tomatoes and tomato products, is a potent antioxidant, found in high concentrations in healthy prostate tissue

  • Quercitin is a bioflavonoid and a strong anti-inflammatory agent, relieving Prostatitis symptoms, and has anti-viral properties and is shown also to be effective on arthritis, joint inflammation and asthma

  • Selenium is a potent antioxidant, important in promoting and maintaining prostate health

  • Zinc, Copper, Magnesium, Vitamin D-3 and Vitamin E all play a major support role in promoting and maintaining Good Prostate Health

Benefits of Supplemental PROSTAHEALTH™

  • Counteracts Frequent Urination

  • Improves Ability to Urinate
    (“start and stop”)

  • Decreases Pain in Prostate Area

  • Decreases Burning Pain when Urinating

  • Increases Force when Urinating

  • Decreases Dribbling

  • Counteracts Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (“BPH”),
    Commonly Described as Enlargement of the Prostate Gland

  • Preventative for Development of Prostate Cancer

  • Increases Sexual Ability

  • Counteracts Painful Ejaculation

  • Counteracts Impotency

  • Decreases Discomfort during Intercourse

PROSTAHEALTH™ is Safe to Use
No serious side effects or risks have been reported in association with taking supplemental PROSTAHEALTH™, or its individual ingredients separately, in recommended doses. Neither has any toxicity been seen even in dosages several times greater than the generally recommended dosages, given over a long period of time. PROSTAHEALTH™, and its individual ingredients, seem to be compatible with - and causes no negative (drug-) reactions whatsover - all and any prescription drug, other dietary supplement, natural products and foods, when taken in recommended dosages.

What is Recommended Intake?
As described, prostate disorders vary in type and severity. As a preventative, take 2 capsules of PROSTAHEALTH™ in the morning, after having reached the age of 40. If any prostate disorders have already developed, including minor problems, such as frequent urination, take 2 capsules in the morning, and 2 capsules at night, until problem/s disappear, and then 2 capsules a day in the morning as a maintenance dose.

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