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What is Dry Mouth?
Dry mouth, termed "xerostomia", is usually associated with the under-functioning of the salivary glands. Dry mouth can be very obvious, annoying and seriously debilitating. For many people, the deteriorating function of the salivary glands is such a slow process, that they almost begin to accept the feeling of dry mouth as normal. However, once swallowing and talking are negatively affected, it becomes more difficult to ignore these discomforts.

  • Aging alone — and its metabolic changes, is a leading culprit.

  • Hundreds of prescription and nonprescription drugs list dry mouth as a side effect.

  • Diseases such as Sjögren's syndrome and lupus usually cause severe dry mouth discomfort.

  • Medical treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation can negatively affect the production of saliva.

  • Dry mouth, to a lesser degree, can be the result of everyday things such as smoking, snoring, alcohol consumption, talking for long periods, nervousness and stage-fright, being exposed to dust, paints, irritants or dry heating conditions, and more.

Ultimately, dry mouth takes a serious toll on teeth. It can cause enamel erosion, tooth loosening, gum disease, bad breath and various other dental problems such as irritation from dentures and difficulties with chewing and talking.

Swallowing becomes increasingly difficult and particularly scary to some sufferers. Resorting to frequent drinking at night can cause loss of sleep and tiredness.

Many have attempted to relieve the discomfort of dry mouth with negative results:

  • sucking on candies/sweets damages teeth and adds needless sugars and extra calories

  • drinking excessively does not stimulate saliva

  • using saliva sprays is awkward and offers only short-term relief

Why you should take Salix:
  • No side effects

  • Xlinically tested in both short and long-term studies

  • Safe for continuous, long-term use

  • Does not interact with medications

  • Produces saliva naturally

  • Immediate and long-lasting relief

  • Low sugar and acid levels

  • Does not promote tooth decay

  • Great fresh fruit taste

  • Wonderful refreshing moisture

  • Affordable

Now you can feel a refreshing difference…
an oasis of moisture…
moisture the way it used to be, the way it should be…

positive relief with no negative effects.

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